Reportage from the Great Houses


August 30-September 1, 2019

Regatta Chair- Rick

Museum Submissions

Please submit Relic  photography and any relevant details to the website administrator for inclusion in the Museum

SFR XXIX Meeting Agenda

1)Proposed inclusion in the inventory of Empire Relics:  G-Factor Altitude compensating coffee vacuum bottle

2)Proposed addition to the the definition of "Bruf" to include "A person with a well established, long standing relationship to a particular member of the Savage Empire."    Example:  At the party, Tom introduced Joe as his Bruf. 

3)Approval of previous year "Dibs List"

4)Approval of the SFR XXX NOR and proposed invitational format.

The Savage Empire


Fall 2020

Regatta Chair- AJ

The regatta is planned as an invitational event. Details and notice of Race to be issued after the annual meeting at SFR XXIX.