The Articles of the Empire

Since the first Savage sailed for the Americas in 1607, the Great Houses worked independently to preserve and advance the Empire. At the dawn of the 21st Century, the heads of the Great Houses recognized the need to coordinate the affairs of the growing Savage Empire.  After careful consideration and debate, a  draft document was circulated for comment and revision.

The document formalized the leadership office, the order of succession, its powers and responsibilities. Additionally, it defined the administrative tasks of the Great Houses. These included an annual meeting with reporting requirements of status, contributions and achievements that preserved and advanced the Empire.

Another major component of the document was the amendment process. The authors were certain the Empire would grow and increase its scope of influence, so a procedure was included that made improvements to the document possible.

Finally, specifications were included in the document for the Regatta.  It was decided to formalize the Empire's annual selection of a Champion. The sections covering the Regatta include definitions and eligibility requirements as well as procedures for holding the event.

At the 2003 Savage Family Regatta, during the competitors' meeting and banquet, the carefully crafted proposal was offered for a vote among the Great Houses. It was a adopted unanimously and has been in force ever since.